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  • Artemis Medicare Center, Dwarka
  • Max Healthcare Hospital, Mohali, Punjab.
  • Sahara Hospital Lucknow
  • Jaipur Golden Hospital
  • Indian Spinal Injuries Center, Vasant Kunj
  • St. Stephen’s Collage
  • Apollo Hospital, Noida
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  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon
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  • Good Will Hospital (Noida)
  • Holy Family Hospital
  • Global Cleave Service Ltd Noida)

Shine & Standard

Follow up daily cleaning schedule, clean, check & clear rooms, touch up of consultant rooms Cleaning of OT, ICU , Public area . Maintenance complaints follow up. Garbage clearance from all areas. Extra cleaning schedule for overlapping period. Pending work follow up, evening service of patient rooms, servicing of consultant rooms, machine washing of ICU areas, garbage clearance and transportations. Total scrubbing and washing of the entire public areas. ICU, OT , Patient floor corridors, Nurse stations and public area toilets washing and scrubbing. Discharge room clearance and request to be attended.

Shifts Cleaning

Morning shift consist of cleaning, checking and clearing rooms ,touch up of consultants rooms, cleaning of OT, ICU, public areas cleaning and follow up and clearance of garbage.
Evening shift consist of pending work follow up, evening service of patient rooms, machine washing of ICU areas and garbage clearance.
Night shift consist of scrubbing and washing of all public areas.ICU, OT ,corridors ,nurse station and public area toilet, discharge room clearance etc.

High Risk Area

Remove all soiled linen & garbage.
Possibly remove or keep aside machine & instruments.
Damp dust the entire areas.
Vacuum cleans the entire areas.
Scrub thoroughly with Hypo-chloride or bacillocid /desinit solution.
Disinfect the entire area including walls, floor, and tiles and skirting with bacillocid / desinit / desinit steam cleaner Arrange the machine & instrument in their respective places
dampdust the area again with bacillocid /desinit solution.
All sterile areas are thoroughly scrubbed & washed with hypo-chloride Solution to ensure a completely disinfected area after the last procedure.

Every night all sub sterile area are thoroughly washed and scrubbed with hypo-chloride solution to ensure a completely disinfected area Maintenances to be checked and reported on a daily basis.
Supervisor checks as per the checklist & handover area to the OT technician
OT-Fumigation of the OT should be done once in a week
ICU-Fumigation should be done once in two week

Remove all garbage from the dustbin
Remove all the soiled linen from the room
Dry dust the floor with dust mop/feather brush/Vacuum cleaner.
Dust the entire area with a damp cloth or when necessary with an appropriate solution
Vacuums clean the entire area.
Mop the floor with disinfectant solution.
Scrubbing of discharge rooms to be done thoroughly, with teepol, or wizard solution
Thorough cleaning of the rooms to be done once in a week.
Maintenance to be sent to the engineering in the complaint book on a daily basis
Evening service in inpatient room= During evening service touchup of the room, clearance of garbage and attendant bedding is done. Separate bed linen for attendant. In morning shift attendant bed linen is removed from the room.
Linen and Bath room amenity in different room category ….
Linen= Suite Room – High quality linen different from normal linen for patient and attendant also. Bath robe, Slippers, Bath mat, Face towel.
Single Room – Full bed linen for attendant is provided, 2 hand towel, 2 bath towel is given in each room.
Supervisor checks as per the checklist & handover area the department.

Remove all garbage from the dustbin
Dust the entire area with a damp cloth or when necessary with an appropriate solution
Mop the floor with disinfectant solution
Dry mop the area with flat mop to recollect the dust to keep the floor dust free.
Vacuum clean the area as per requirement.
Scrubbing & washing of the above mentioned areas to be done thoroughly every night with teepol or wizard or spiral solution.
Thorough cleaning of the areas to be done once in a week.
Maintenance to be noted and reported daily to the maintenance department
Supervisor checks as per the checklist & handover area the department.

Daily Housekeeping Checklist

Rooms-General ward
Critical Areas-OT, ICU
Public Areas-Washrooms, corridors, staircase
External Areas-Parking etc.